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November 2012

20th 2:00 PM


STEP Webinar - PLTL- A Transformative Program in Gateway Science Courses

Part of Exploring and Advancing Ideas in Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL)

Peer Led Team Learning or PLTL has become the cornerstone of a comprehensive, campus-wide plan to enhance the quality of student learning in mathematics and science at UT Dallas. Born in chemistry and extended to mathematics, physics and engineering, the PLTL program has become part of the fabric of this young research university just five years post inception, currently serving more than 1500 students annually. While the program at UT Dallas will be described and student performance data ... read more

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August 2012

28th 1:00 PM


STEP Webinar- Amplifying the ripples: disseminating your educational project to a larger audience

Part of Dissemination

Educational innovation has been absent, obscured or played down during the development of most segments of our educational system. Although recent initiatives are changing the landscape, many educators interacting with undergraduates continue to use traditional and static means of dispensing and disseminating information in a scheme that has remained largely unchanged for hundreds of years. Moreover, recent and scientifically-based endeavors to reform educational systems have be sputtering and ... read more

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