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June 2016

22nd 1:00 PM (EST)


STEM Central Short Course Part 1: Foundations of Culturally Responsive Evaluation (1 of 3)

Part of Project Evaluator Network

This is the first of a three-part STEM Central Lecture Series: Program Evaluation Principles and Strategies for NSF-Funded STEM Reform Practitioners. . In this series, NSF PIs will learn about the purposes of evaluation and the multiple methods of evaluation that can be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of advanced undergraduate STEM teaching strategies. The lecture series will address such topics as study design, data analysis, and data interpretation. This lecture series will also blend ... read more

August 2015

25th 2:00 PM (EDT)


STEM Central Webinar: Education Research 101: A Beginner’s Guide for S STEM Principal Investigators

Part of Educational Research and Policy

This STEM Central Webinar was presented on August 25th, 2015, and is now available for your to view and discuss on STEM Central. Please see the links below to access the recording as well as the powerpoint. Do you have a comment or question about this webinar?   Please share your ideas as a comment below and we will address them as soon as possible.  Thanks and enjoy! Abstract: Recent NSF solicitations, such as the NSF S STEM Program, call for principal investigators to not only implement ... read more

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March 2015

25th 2:00 PM (Eastern)


STEM Central Webinar: Using Data Mining and Visualization to Investigate Retention in STEM

Part of Collecting, Organizing, and Making use of Data

At Northern Kentucky University (NKU) we are implementing two parallel NSF-funded programs to improve student persistence and provide impactful career exploration. Project FORCE (Focus on Occupations, Recruiting, Community, and Engagement) builds STEM-wide efforts that include peer-led study sessions, research opportunities for students at risk of leaving, and activities that promote community. Project SOAR (Scholarships, Opportunities, Achievements, and Results) recruits 22 ... read more

Guest Presenters

  • Madhura Kulkarni, Assistant Director at Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Mark Lancaster, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
  • Nathaniel Hudson, Student
  • Kacie Kotnik, Student

November 2014

12th 1:00 PM (Central)


STEP Central Webinar: Bridging Calculus in One Week

Part of Bridge Programs

For continuation courses, such as Calculus I->II->III, many  students who struggled in the first are at great risk in the second.  However, they have passed with at least a grade of C.  Experience and data shows this is exactly the case.  The attrition in the next course, particularly of those with a grade of C, is unacceptably large.   Specifically, consider the transition from Calculus I to Calculus II.  To help them succeed, we offer a one week intensive mini-bridging program that covers the ... read more

STEM Central Presenters

October 2014

30th 2:00 PM (Eastern)


STEP WEBINAR: Increasing Graduation and Transfer Rates of 2-year College STEM Students through 2yr/4yr Partnerships

Part of Two-Year/ Four-Year Partnerships

Abstract: The national pool of two-year college (2Y) students is a relatively-untapped, yet fertile resource for growing the number of STEM baccalaureate degree achievers in meeting President Obama’s goal of producing 1 million more STEM graduates in the next decade (PCAST report, 2012).  As such, more students are starting at a two year institution and then transferring to a four year institution in order to complete their degree.  However, developing and implementing successful 2y/4y ... read more

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