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STEP Webinar - PLTL- A Transformative Program in Gateway Science Courses

Peer Led Team Learning or PLTL has become the cornerstone of a comprehensive, campus-wide plan to enhance the quality of student learning in mathematics and science at UT Dallas. Born in chemistry and extended to mathematics, physics and engineering, the PLTL program has become part of the fabric of this young research university just five years post inception, currently serving more than 1500 students annually. While the program at UT Dallas will be described and student performance data provided, the focus of this presentation will be on the mechanical aspects of PLTL with the hope that participants will be inspired and equipped with new ideas to either enhance existing PLTL programs or start new ones. Challenges, failures and successes will be shared on topics that include enrollment processes, "stick" and carrot" approaches to attendance, philosophy behind the weekly content, PLTL Leader training, PLTL group dynamics, PLTL Leader-Faculty interactions and facilities.

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