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Active Learning Week Webinar: Beyond Diversity: Confronting Racism and the Obstacles to Equity and Justice on campus

Sponsored by Project Kaleidoscope and the PKAL STEM Leadership Institute. Lead. Differently

Webinar Abstract: In recent years, “diversity” has become a buzzword that is neither defined nor sufficiently understood as it relates to both the benefits and obstacles to empowering diversity.  This talk reflects on the importance of diversity and on the obstacles to fulfilling the promises of “diverse” institutions because of the “permanence of racism” at both the top and “the bottom of the well” (Bell 1992). Yet, diversity must be a starting point rather than end goal that departments and university administrators celebrate as evidence of progress and inclusion. Equity and a culture of justice must anchor any discussions of diversity demanding that we rethink the structures and cultures that too often give life to tokenism and persistent institutional equality.  This talk, thus, gives voice to strategies, as individual accomplices and institutional change agents, to rethink university culture, one grounded by a commitment to transformative equity.

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