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STEM Central Webinar: Using Data Mining and Visualization to Investigate Retention in STEM

At Northern Kentucky University (NKU) we are implementing two parallel NSF-funded programs to improve student persistence and provide impactful career exploration. Project FORCE (Focus on Occupations, Recruiting, Community, and Engagement) builds STEM-wide efforts that include peer-led study sessions, research opportunities for students at risk of leaving, and activities that promote community. Project SOAR (Scholarships, Opportunities, Achievements, and Results) recruits 22 academically-talented students with financial need and provides them with scholarships, targeted academic interventions, intentional mentorship, and career networking. The leadership teams of these projects use data-mining and visualization techniques to assess STEM student data provided by NKU Institutional Research. In this webinar we will discuss launching this type of investigation with the necessary entities at your institution (i.e. IR, IRB), approaches to analyzing and mining the data, and selecting visualization tools. The focus will be on how to implement this approach at your institution with examples from our analyses.

Guest Presenters

  • Madhura Kulkarni, Assistant Director at Center for Integrative Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Mark Lancaster, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
  • Nathaniel Hudson, Student
  • Kacie Kotnik, Student