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STEP Central Webinar: Bridging Calculus in One Week

For continuation courses, such as Calculus I->II->III, many  students who struggled in the first are at great risk in the second.  However, they have passed with at least a grade of C.  Experience and data shows this is exactly the case.  The attrition in the next course, particularly of those with a grade of C, is unacceptably large.   Specifically, consider the transition from Calculus I to Calculus II.  To help them succeed, we offer a one week intensive mini-bridging program that covers the essential content from Calculus I.  The content includes derivative rules, partial fractions, calculus of trigonometry, basic integration, and a review of limits.  The program is conducted online with enrolled students in voice communication with a live tutor.  In our Webinar, we discuss the details of the program, from the logistics, to the content, to the results, and to the costs.    Students love it!

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