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STEP Webinar - Best Practices for STEM Summer Camps

Are you considering developing or improving a STEM-based Summer Camp? STEM Summer camps are a valuable tool for increasing recruitment of students into STEM fields; however, developing and implementing a successful summer camp depends on many factors such the program goals, target audience, and existing resources. The University of Utah runs a three-day engineering summer camp for high school students and a week-long engineering camp for girls. They will share their lessons learned, successes and challenges applicable to any program. Join this webinar to learn key considerations for planning, implementing and measuring the success of a STEM-based summer camp.

In addition, U. of U. will present the outcomes of a "Best Practices for STEM Summer Camps Initiative" in which they are leading efforts to compile the collective wisdom of summer camp program coordinators nationwide. If you coordinate a successful STEM summer camp and would like your ideas and expertise to be included in the Best Management document and in the webinar, please see the program guidelines on