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STEP WEBINAR: The SUNY Oswego NSF S-STEM/STEP Bridge Camp: An Assessment Strategy

We describe the SUNY Oswego NSF S-STEM/STEP Bridge Camp designed to help STEM students navigate through their first semester Math and Chemistry students. These first semester Math/Chemistry courses have typically been bottlenecks and problem courses for our STEM majors. We describe the development of the Camp and logistical and administrative issues.

We describe our analysis of the results using both qualitative and quantitative measures. Qualitatively, the Camp clearly provides participating students with a) a ready made peer group b) familiarity with the College and its environs c) familiarity with College-level Math and Chemistry d) confidence that they can handle transition from high school to college. We use binomial methods to show that the first semester results for the first two years of the Bridge Camp are statistically significant.

Here are some questions for you to consider prior to the webinar.  Please log in and share your ideas,  thoughts, or questions for Dr. Kanbur  using the comment button below.

1) What is the single biggest impediment to STEM retention?
2) Does incoming SAT have a bearing on First Year GPA?
3) How can quantitative statistical methods be used to rigorously assess STEM pedagogical initiatives?


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