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STEP Webinar: Promoting Diversity in STEM Students

A vigorous workforce relies on a diverse group of students coming through the nation's STEM pipeline. We will share strategies for recruiting and retaining underrepresented students in college STEM programs. We will describe collaborations we have developed both internal and external to our universities that enhance diversity. Policy choices affecting diversity will also be discussed.

The presenters would like you to contemplate the following questions in preparation for the webinar.  By sharing your responses/thoughts below (use the comment button), you will help the presenters prepare responses and address them in the webinar.

1) What are the most significant barriers that underrepresented students encounter in matriculating to college/university and pursuing STEM fields?

2) What are the two or three key actions that you and your colleagues could take to increase applications, acceptance rate for underrepresented students (into your college/university and into STEM fields)?

3) Now that you have successfully recruited and enrolled underrepresented students, how will you ensure their retention?

4) What measures of diversity are routinely tracked by your institution?

4a) Does your institution keep track of first-generation college students who represent socioeconomic diversity?

4b) Has your institution made progress toward census definitions of ethnicity that allow students to indicate multiple racial/ethnic identifications?

4c) If so, how are multiracial students included in standard reports?

5) How does your school analyze and report retention/attrition data?

5a) Is it routinely disaggregated by race/ethnicity?

5b) Is it routinely disaggregated by gender?

5c) Is it ever disaggregated by both race/ethnicity and gender simultaneously?