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Welcome - Undergraduate Research & Internships

This is an archived group that was initially formed as part of STEP Central, the pilot program that gave rise to STEM Central.

The purpose of this working group is to initiate and facilitate discussions and develop educational resources related to undergraduate research and internship experiences.  It includes materials and follow up discussions that evolved from the 2012 STEP Grantee meeting breakout session lead by John Davis – Alma College, Joseph Kruger – Lamar University, Rakesh Pangasa – Arizona Western College and moderated by Sue Fitzgerald – NSF.  Also included are materials and discussions related to the STEP Central webinar: Introductory Undergraduate Research Experiences: Connecting Rising Sophomores to STEM, presented by Ginger Holmes Rowell and Christopher Stephens at Middle Tennessee State University.

Group facilitators, please check out this resource: Top tips for moderators of online discussion groups.

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