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Welcome - STEPping into the Future: Sustaining STEP's Mission in the New Funding Landscape

This is a forum for exchange and discussion regarding the future of STEP projects and is intended to accompany and extend the March 5th Wednesday night Forum at the STEP 2014 meeting. With the suspension of STEP and the implementation of IUSE, this is a critical time to reflect upon what we have learned from implementing STEP projects, and use this collective knowledge to guide future decisions. In this working group, we will have a facilitated conversation to identify vital features of STEP we have found to be essential to the success of our projects, features that we would like to see sustained and strongly supported in the future.The outcome will be a framework for a white paper or document that compiles our collective best practices from STEP and makes recommendations for future funding priorities. To contribute to this effort, please add your ideas and suggestions withing the appropriate discussion thread below. Thanks!!!

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