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Welcome - Issues at Large Universities

This working group is intended to facilitate continued discussion and action to address issues related to implementing STEP projects at large universities. Subscribe to this group and receive updates on new resources related to this topic.  You can also participate by sharing your ideas, posting existing resources, or collaborating with others in this group to develop and disseminate needed resources and tools. We encourage participation from anyone interested in improving undergraduate education. Please join us!

Group facilitators, please check out this resource: Top tips for moderators of online disucssion groups.

This working group was initiated at the 2012 STEP Meeting, held March 13-15, 2012.  We thank the following leaders for helping to get the conversation started:

STEP 2012 Session Leaders: Mary Anderson-Rowland – Arizona State University, Tamara Fuller – University of Maryland, John Reisel – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

STEP 2012 Session Moderator: Suzanne Westbrook – NSF

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