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Welcome - AAC&U STEM Central Building by Knowledge Exchange Workshop: Supporting Success of Low Income Undergraduate Students in STEM

This working group supports documentation, dissemination, and discussions that arise from the STEM Central AAC&U Building by Knowledge Exchange Workshop, which occurs on April 19 - 20th 2016 in Chicago, IL. 

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together S-STEM and STEP project leaders and higher education researchers to address through dialogue a set of questions and to develop responses for dissemination that can inform the next set of proposals submitted to the S-STEM program. The specific issues to address include the following key questions:

1) What evidence-based lessons have been learned about strategies that are effective in supporting the success in STEM fields of low-income undergraduate students? What are challenges to implementing these strategies? What are gaps in the body of knowledge about effective strategies?

2) What issues and questions should be prioritized for attention by those concerned about strategies for supporting the success in STEM fields of low-income undergraduate students? What priority areas might be addressed in future proposals for the S-STEM program?

Over the course of the workshop we will be adding discussion threads on institutional, faculty, and student level needs for improving success in STEM for low income students. Click on the thread link to add a comment.  

Please also add your own questions and discussion topics by clicking the "add discussion or resource" button below.

We will also be posting the summary notes and videos that come out of the workshop. 

We invite anyone to post questions and ideas to this group, even if you did not attend the workshop in person.