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Welcome - 2016 PKAL Summer Leadership Institute Working Group

Welcome to the 2016 PKAL Summer Leadership Institute Working Group on STEM Central. This is your go-to place for the important information you need to have a successful institute. In particular, please CLICK HERE to access the required reading materials. To access or comment on other resources or conversations, simply click on the appropriate link below. 

Our hope is that this Working Group provides you with opportunities to:

- identify and network with people of shared interests related to leadership, and
- to cultivate and share thoughts and ideas with participants of all 2016 SLI cohorts.

To raise questions, start conversations, or share resources, simply click on the “Add Resource or Discussion” button below to your right.  Resources can include any kind of file, including Word documents, pdfs, PowerPoint slides, web links, or videos.  Note that use of this space is reserved exclusively  for 2016 SLI participants, and, thus, is a private, safe space where you can feel comfortable sharing your candid thoughts and views about your leadership journey. Only members of this group, which includes SLI participants, mentors, and leaders from all three 2016 institutes, can view any of these comments.

Again, we are very much looking forward to your participation in the 2016 PKAL Summer Leadership Institute!  We have no doubt that you will make significant contributions to our collective success both now, and over the course of the coming academic year.


Kelly Mack

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