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Southwestern Indiana STEM (SwISTEM) Initiative

The University of Southern Indiana and Ivy Tech Community College Southwest Indiana are partners in the Southwestern Indiana STEM (SwISTEM) initiative. The SwISTEM Initiative consists of four components: 1) development and implementation of an Early Undergraduate Research Program; 2) formation of the Pathways Leading to Undergraduate Success in the Sciences (PLUSS) Program which offers developmental courses in mathematics and the sciences; 3) an Outreach Program targeting high school students; and, 4) a Professional Development program for pre-college and college faculty. SwISTEM is increasing the number and quality of students selecting STEM majors; providing opportunities to engage students early in hands-on research opportunities; developing a more nurturing and team oriented approach to STEM education; providing enhanced academic and career advising for students majoring in the STEM areas; improving the retention and graduation rates for STEM students; improving the success rates in key introductory mathematics and science courses; providing professional development for regional faculty; and, developing community partnerships to generate additional interest in STEM careers.

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    Master's Colleges and Universities - Larger programs

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    All STEM

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    Southwestern Indiana STEM (SwISTEM) Initiative

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    University of Southern Indiana

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