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SBES Alliance Collaborative Research: Atlantic Coast Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

Henry Frierson
Anne Donnelly
Carolyn Tucker
University of Florida

Kim Nickerson
Johnetta Davis
Robert Schwab
University of Maryland, College Park

Steven Ullmann
University of Miami

Anne Donnelly
University of Florida

Orlando Taylor
Florence Bonner
Angela Cole
Howard University

The grant provides three years of continued support to the Atlantic Coast Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences (AC-SBE) Alliance. AC-SBE, comprised of Howard University, University of Florida (lead institution), University of Maryland at College Park, University of Miami, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to complete a range of activities with the goal of increasing the number of under-represented minority students receiving doctorate degrees in the social, behavioral, and economic (SBE) sciences and ultimately entering the professoriate. All five universities are currently among the nation's leaders in awarding PhDs in the SBE fields to underrepresented minority students. The AC-SBE Alliance includes elements designed to help students at each step as they move from undergraduate school into graduate programs and onto the professoriate. The Alliance will continue to: (1) recruit and prepare undergraduates to pursue a PhD in SBE fields, (2) assist students in the transition from undergraduate to graduate study, (3) retain PhD students and increase degree completion rates, and (4) prepare future SBE faculty for success. Although each of the five schools in the AC-SBE alliance has unique features, the AC-SBE Alliance includes a number of overarching or "value-added" activities that involve sharing resources across the five universities. For example, the Alliance builds upon Howard University's Summer Institute that prepares future faculty in the STEM (science, engineering and technology) fields, adding a parallel SBE component. Also, entering AC-SBE students participate in a one-week course--Introduction to Data Analysis for the Social Sciences--at the Odum Institute for Research in the Social Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The Odum Institute also offers a number of videoconference short courses to AC-SBE students.

Broader Impacts. Through integrating the resources of the five Alliance institutions, AC-SBE has the potential to realize a broad impact across a wide region of the country in the production of SBE PhD recipients. Thus, AC-SBE serves as a comprehensive project for recruiting, mentoring, and graduating underrepresented students in SBE PhD programs, and further to more broadly support students who want to pursue graduate studies and academic careers. It is anticipated that the norms of inclusiveness at the AC-SBE Alliance institutions and the relationships that have been forged will endure well past the termination of grant support to continue efforts to ensure the significant numbers of minority students pursue and receive PhD degrees and enter the professoriate.

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    SBES Alliance Collaborative Research: Atlantic Coast Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences

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