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ACE Implementation Project: The UVI Growth Model

Achieving Competitive Excellence Implementation Projects in the Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Undergraduate program provide support to design, implement, study and assess comprehensive institutional efforts to increase the numbers of students and the quality of their preparation by strengthening science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and research. This project at the University of the Virgin Islands seeks to develop a growth mindset and creativity through specific evidence-based interventions. The project will be validated with a carefully designed educational research study which focuses on the novel use of growth mindset training. The project is guided and informed by an on-going evaluation.

Specific objectives of the project are to: increase by 15% the retention and persistence rates for those STEM students who struggle early in their college careers; increase by 10% overall persistence and graduation rates for STEM students; increase the self-efficacy of STEM students as measured by validated, reliable instruments; establish a summer bridge program focused on mathematics for incoming freshmen; have summer and academic year research experiences; conduct mindset training in the freshman development seminar; and develop a sustained, comprehensive evidence-based faculty development program, which will give faculty the skills and tools necessary for the success of the overall model. This project will provide a validated replicable model that can be used by other open admissions or low selectivity universities and community colleges throughout the Nation.

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    ACE Implementation Project: The UVI Growth Model

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