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Women in Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholars Program (WiSE UP)

The goal of the Women in Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholars Program (WiSE UP) is to offer competitive scholarships and academic/career-building support activities to academically talented, economically disadvantaged African American females who pursue a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degree. WiSE UP provides a cluster of academic enrichment and support activities designed to promote student success in completing their bachelor's degree and exploring graduate school opportunities. Intellectual merits of the project are reflected in the comprehensive nature of the program that is designed to deliver scholars with an enhanced sense of academic community, which positively impacts student learning, confidence, performance, and improved retention of scholars, who are more prepared for the next phase in their life. WiSE UP at Spelman College will make 28 awards per academic year to deserving students majoring in biology, chemistry/biochemistry, computer science, engineering, environmental science, mathematics, and physics. The project has significant broader impacts as the gender gap in degrees earned by African American women is made worse by the limited availability of funds to support student's educational pursuits.

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    Women in Science and Engineering Undergraduate Scholars Program (WiSE UP)

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