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California State University, San Marcos (CSUSM) and Palomar Community College (Palomar) are increasing the number of STEM graduates through recruiting and retention activities coordinated across both institutions. Results from a recent marketing study have guided the design of STEM-related outreach programs and other recruitment efforts at Palomar College and select local high schools. Outreach activities include STEM Cafes, classroom presentations, and hands-on labs led by undergraduate STEM Ambassadors. Retention activities include the development of a drop-in STEM tutoring center, which recorded 3,404 visits in fall 2012, and a cross-campus curricula reform program that employs undergraduate Learning Assistants. Among the project’s initial achievements are reductions in DFW rates in targeted courses and a 48% year-over-year increase in new STEM enrollees.

Lead Author

  • Charles De Leone


Name Organization
Debbie DeRoma California State University San Marcos

Institution Information

  • Name: California State University - San Marcos
  • State: CA

Poster Information

  • ID: TF-008
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 1068477
  • Project Year 2