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Effective Academic and Student Affairs Collaboration to Enhance Success in Engineering and Applied Sciences

Collaboration Enhances Success

The success of our STEP project goes beyond the programs described in our proposal to support first-time, first-year students, returning sophomores, and first-time transfer students. These programs include Women in Engineering Mentor Network, Engineering House, and Student Success Centers. Two new initiatives not in our original proposal capture the essence of our STEP project, which involves bringing together faculty and staff across campus who impact student success and creating opportunities for collaboration. The first is Early Intervention, which involves faculty and academic advisors from the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS), Residence Life (ResLife) professionals, and staff from the Office of Institutional Research. The second is Mandatory Math Tutoring, which brings together faculty from Mathematics, the ResLife Assistant Director, the Center for Academic Success Programs (CASP), and the CEAS Computer Assisted Engineering (CAE) Center. Furthermore, our STEP project achieved sustainability and institutionalization in Year 3. The CEAS Strategic Plan, revised during 2012-13, included a statement to sustain STEP, and the CEAS Dean allocated a budget generated by differential tuition, which was approved by the Board of Trustees in September 2012, to support the core STEP programs.

Lead Author

  • Edmund Tsang

Institution Information

  • Name: Western Michigan University
  • State: MI

Poster Information

  • ID: MC-002
  • Disciplinary Focus: Engineering
  • Award Number: 0969287
  • Project Year 3