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Two Questions -- (1) How can engaging in the STEP Community help improve your project? (2) How can the STEP Central Project help make that happen?

The overall success of STEP depends on the development and implementation of “best practices,” which in turn depends on the development of a community of PI’s (practitioners) who share ideas, resources, and data, and who can build on each other’s successes and experiences. The goal of this project is to facilitate the building of a "community of practice (COP)" among STEP Grantees and others interested in STEM undergraduate education. Project activities include: (1) annual meetings of the STEP community, and (2) developing and expanding the STEP online community by (a) increasing the usability and usefulness of the community's website,, (b) offering webinars and on-line conferencing on topics of interest to the community, and (c) encouraging involvement of the STEP community in these activities.

During the last year we have (1) worked on developing a group of STEP community leaders, (2) planned the 2013 STEP Grantees Meeting so that it better supports the development of an on-going COP, (3) launched versions 2.0 and 2.1 of, and (4) offered 8 webinars, all led by members of the STEP community. We plan to continue and expand on these activities over the next year.

At the poster session, there will be a table with either laptops or iPads so that meeting participants can explore and discuss plans for the next phase with members of our project team.

Lead Author

  • Daniel Udovic


Name Organization
Tania Siemens University of Oregon
Kalli Bean University of Oregon
Scott Grissom Grand Valley State University
Clare Strawn International Society for Technology in Education

Institution Information

  • Name: University of Oregon
  • State: OR

Poster Information

  • ID: FD-002
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 1143572
  • Project Year 2