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Relationships in Science Education (RiSE)

Community Colleges are crucial to addressing the projected shortage of STEM professionals and technicians. The RiSE project aims to increase the number and diversity of STEM majors, graduates, and transfers through student support, outreach and recruitment, and curricular modifications.

The RiSE Project aims to increase the number of STEM students graduating and transferring; increase the diversity among STEM majors, graduates, and transfers; and increase the successful progression of STEM majors through gateway STEM courses by fostering meaningful relationships between students, STEM faculty, and our community. The project activities include outreach and recruitment to local high school students, an integrated suite of student support services based on best practices in increasing retention and persistence, and curricular redesign across all STEM disciplines.

Lead Author

  • Deann Leoni


Name Organization
Rashanah Botley Edmonds Community College
Maitreyi Nagarkar Edmonds Community College

Institution Information

  • Name: Edmonds Community College
  • State: WA

Poster Information

  • ID: MC-007
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 1068399
  • Project Year 2