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Collaborative Research: Motivated Engineering Transfers - STEM Talent Expansion Program (METSTEP)

Universities partner with rural community colleges to increase the number of engineering graduates.

Eastern Arizona College (EAC) has partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) and other Arizona Community Colleges in an effort designed to increase the number of engineering majors, increase the number of students graduating with an associate’s degree in engineering, and increase the number of engineering students who transfer to a university and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. To increase the exposure of community college students to transfer opportunities, EAC students travel to Tempe each semester to visit with ASU Engineering faculty and students. Once each semester, ASU faculty and students travel to EAC’s campus in Thatcher. An Engineering Club has been helpful in building closer comradeship among engineering students. Several outreach efforts are conducted for high school students in an effort to increase awareness of career opportunities in engineering and the transfer pathways available to them. An Engineering Program Advisory Committee was created with representatives from the local mining community (FMI), a high school math teacher, the County Engineer, and a local civil engineering firm principal. An Engineering Department website was created to increase the exposure of students to engineering as well as provide information about transferring to a university. There has been a general increase in interest and activity within the engineering program. Scholarships provided through the grant have been instrumental in encouraging students to pursue engineering. The number of students declaring engineering as their major has nearly doubled over the first three years of the grant, and we have also seen an increase in the overall engineering enrollment. The number of students transferring to a university and majoring in engineering has also increased.

Lead Author

  • Phil McBride


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Jack Bailey Eastern Arizona College

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  • Name: Eastern Arizona College
  • State: AZ

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  • ID: TF-004
  • Disciplinary Focus: Engineering
  • Award Number: 0856635
  • Project Year 4