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Characterizing and Modeling the Experience of Transfer Students in Engineering

Black and Hispanic transfer students are more successful than their non-transfer counterparts. Transfer students are successful in the same disciplines as non-transfer students. Some, but not all, students experience a significant GPA shock upon transfer.

This work characterizes transfer students and their potential to increase the pool of STEM talent and the diversity of that pool. To accomplish this, we seek to learn more about who transfer students are, what they experience, and what happens to them.

Lead Author

  • Matthew W. Ohland


Name Organization
F. Catherine Mobley Clemson University
Clemencia Cosentino de Cohen Mathematica Policy Research
Richard A. Layton Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Catherine E. Brawner Research Triangle Educational Consultants
Russell A. Long Purdue University
Marisa K. Orr Louisiana Tech University

Institution Information

  • Name: Purdue University
  • State: IN

Poster Information

  • ID: ER-002
  • Disciplinary Focus: Engineering
  • Award Number: 0969474
  • Project Year 3