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STEP into Science at Medgar Evers College, Completing a Successful Strategic Plan

Early exosure to research opportunites increases students interest and retention in their undergraduate science program

STEP into Science was designed to increase the number of students earning BS degrees in Biology and Environmental Science. The program goals are to: recruit new students and non-STEM students into Biology or Environmental Sciences; improve retention by providing academic, financial and mentoring support; foster integration of research and technology to better equip majors to be successful applicants to graduate/professional programs; and increase the number of students graduating with BS degrees. Now in our last year, the program has had great success. We use peer recruiters to attract more high school, transfer, and non-science college students into STEM majors and place emphasis on undergraduate research experiences to increase the quality and retention of science majors through their BS degree. Since the inception of the program, STEM enrollment more than doubled and the number of majors actively engaged in research has risen more than 90% with a concurrent increase in student research presentations at scientific conference, and an 87% increase in the number of students receiving external research internships and travel awards to attend national conferences. STEM graduates have also increased and the program anticipates that these and future STEP into Science graduates will continue on to Masters and Doctoral programs in STEM and ultimately enter rewarding careers in the science enterprise.

Lead Author

  • Dereck Skeete

Institution Information

  • Name: CUNY Medgar Evers College
  • State: NY

Poster Information

  • ID: UR-007
  • Disciplinary Focus: Science
  • Award Number: 0622197
  • Project Year 5+