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Increasing Student Success Through Improved Instruction, Student Support

STudent Retention Enhancement Across Mathematics and the Sciences (STREAMS) at Bridgewater State University implements best practice approaches to improve student retention in biology, chemistry, computer science, geological sciences, mathematics and physics. These include (1) a three-week, residential summer bridge program focusing on early undergraduate research (16 participants per year); (2) course development grants and faculty development programming that promote group, inquiry-based pedagogy in introductory STEM courses; (3) peer-led, group and inquiry-oriented Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) in nearly all introductory courses (about 750 students per year); (4) improved transfer advising and recruitment through partnerships with two local community colleges; (5) a science and math residential learning community (about 40 students); and (6) a networking program for new native or transfer STEM majors.

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  • ID: CI-2-05
  • Disciplinary Focus: Science