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Mobilizing the troops: First-year STEP experience of the MSEED Program at Valparaiso University

Authors: G.A. Morris, R.W. Clark, D.H. Gillispie, K.E. Leach, M. Desjarlais, and G. Doneske Cluster: Curriculum Development Keywords: Recruitment, UG Research/Internship Opportunities, Program Evaluation, Institutional Change Although we are only in the initial year of our STEP grant, we have learned a great deal about ourselves as an institution and about the strategies we proposed pursing as part of our Mathematics and Science Education Enrollment and Development (MSEED) Program. MSEED recruits 15 scholars per year who begin a 4-year program, at the end of which, they graduate with a B.S. in mathematics or their chosen science field and a teaching license. Several value-added activities, including summer scientific and educational research as well as a multicultural immersion experience, are included in the program. We developed several recruiting strategies in Year 1, including a brochure, web site, All-Star Math and Science Day, and Scholarship Day. In this poster, we review the process by which these strategies were developed as well as preliminary analysis of their effectiveness. We also present institutional data that helps define the baseline of STEM at Valparaiso University as well the ad mission standards we apply to select students for enrollment in the program. Finally, we reflect on the ways, even in the first year, the presence of this grant is transforming the institution itself.

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  • ID: CI-2-09
  • Disciplinary Focus: Science