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Opening the Portals of Discovery: Increasing Opportunities in STEM Through Collaborative Research

The collaboration between the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc and the University of Wisconsin-Stout has resulted in the infusion of undergraduate research across institutions and into the community, created opportunities for mentorship, and engaged and retained STEM students.

Portals of Discovery, a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc (a freshman-sophomore campus) and the University of Wisconsin-Stout (a baccalaureate campus), engages, recruits, and retains students in STEM fields through collaborative research experiences. The Portals program, now in its fifth year, has developed a series of programs aimed at achieving the following objectives: 1) recruiting and retaining new pools of STEM students, 2) transforming the 2 year institution into a destination for freshman and sophomore STEM students, 3) developing new collaborations across the UW System, and 4) sustaining the Portals program by developing institutional and community networks.

Lead Author

  • Rebecca Abler


Name Organization
Kitrina Carlson University of Wisconsin-Stout
Richard Hein University of Wisconsin Colleges
Michael Bessert University of Wisconsin Stout

Institution Information

  • Name: University of Wisconsin Colleges
  • State: WI

Poster Information

  • ID: TF-009
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 0856279
  • Project Year 5+