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InTeGrate: Interdisciplinary Teaching about the Earth for a Sustainable Future

InTeGrate is catalyzing a revolution in how geoscience education is perceived and practiced by geoscientists, as well as the roles that the geosciences play in the broader curriculum in institutions of higher education

InTeGrate is a 5-year STEP Center whose aim is to transform undergraduate geoscience education through geoscience taught in context of sustainability issues in geoscience courses and across the curriculum. The purpose is to develop a citizenry and workforce that can address environmental and resource issues facing society. Project Goals: 1. Develop curricula to dramatically increase Earth literacy of all undergraduate students - including non-geoscience majors, historically under-represented groups, and future K-12 teachers 2. Increase the number of majors in the geosciences and associated fields able to work with other scientists, social scientists, business people, and policy makers to develop solutions to environmental and resource challenges.

Lead Author

  • Cathy Manduca


Name Organization
David Blockstein National Council for Science and the Environment
David Blockstein National Council for Science and the Environment

Institution Information

  • Name: Carleton College
  • State: MN

Poster Information

  • ID: CI-004
  • Disciplinary Focus: Science
  • Award Number: 1125331
  • Project Year 3