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Utah's Engineers: A Statewide Initiative for Growth

Retention data: Transitioning from first to second year engineering courses

The College of Engineering at the University of Utah has experienced large increases in enrollment (59%) due to recruiting efforts by the College with support from our NSF grant. Over the last 6 years the number of awarded bachelor's degrees has increase by 29%. To better understand how best to retain and graduate our students, data collection and analysis on the progression of students from first to second year engineering courses was conducted. We also looked at the time it took students to complete a bachelor's degree from the time they took their first engineering class. A detailed review of the data helps us to understand our student population and the challenges they face moving through an engineering degree. It will also help us to measure the effectiveness of strategies we are undertaking to increase retention and graduation of engineering students at the University of Utah.

Lead Author

  • Cynthia Furse


Name Organization
Karen J Krapcho University of Utah

Institution Information

  • Name: University of Utah
  • State: UT

Poster Information

  • ID: PS-007
  • Disciplinary Focus: Engineering
  • Award Number: 0652982
  • Project Year 5+