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Data Mining ePortfolios for Engagement Analytics

Preliminary results show that ePortfolios can be efficiently used to measure and track student engagement. Models built from student interactions with ePortfolios are accurately able to predict student retention.

As part of their commitment to enhancing retention of STEM students, the Colleges of Engineering and Science at the University of Notre Dame are implementing five programs aimed at increasing both the proficiency and interest of STEM students: (1) ePortfolios, (2) eliminating curricular roadblocks, (3) academic success programs, (4) early authentic professional experience and engaged scholarship, (5) STEM-supportive campus culture. In this year's poster, we focus on data mining ePortfolios to assess the impact of our programs on student engagement.

Lead Author

  • Everaldo Aguiar


Name Organization
Jay Brockman University of Notre Dame
Nitesh Chawla University of Notre Dame
G. Alex Ambrose University of Notre Dame
Victoria Goodrich University of Notre Dame
Leo McWilliams University of Notre Dame

Institution Information

  • Name: University of Notre Dame
  • State: IN

Poster Information

  • ID: PS-003
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 1161222
  • Project Year 2