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Bridges for SUCCESS

We've grown enrollments and graduation rates in our targeted majors siginficantly over the first four years of our project.

The primary goal of Bridges for SUCCESS (Salisbury University's Connections to Careers for Every Stem Student) is to increase the total number of graduates in selected STEM disciplines by 75% (54 to 94 graduates annually). We plan to achieve this goal through several strategies to increase the recruitment, retention, preparation, and engagement of Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Mathematics, and Physics majors: 1) engaging pre-college students in STEM majors and careers through outreach programs; 2) creating excitement about our programs through more effective marketing and distinctive programming; 3) increasing access for community college students through curriculum coordination and transfer student support; and 4) supporting and engaging STEM majors throughout their academic careers through a living-learning community, early research experiences and an applied research course.

Lead Author

  • Karen Olmstead

Institution Information

  • Name: Salisbury University
  • State: MD

Poster Information

  • ID: LC-002
  • Disciplinary Focus: All STEM
  • Award Number: 0969428
  • Project Year 4