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Award # Principal Investigator Funding Source Title

Sarin, Sanjiv

NSF STEP - Pilot Project Collaborative Research: NCSU/NC A&T Program for STEM Enrollment Enhancement

Whitehead, Joe

NSF HBCU-UP Implementation Grant: TALENT-21 Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Program at the Interface of Mathematics and Biology

Whitehead, Joe

NSF HBCU-UP EBEE: Enhancing Bioscience and Engineering Education through Curriculum Integration and Research Experiences in Systems Biology

Zhan, Justin

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project Grant: Developing a Social Computing Program at North Carolina A&T State University

Fini, Elham

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project Grant: Incorporation of Sustainability Concepts into Undergraduate Civil Engineering Curriculum Using Project-Based Learning

Parast, Mahour

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award Grant: Understanding Risks and Disruptions in Supply Chains and their Effect on Firm and Supply Chain Performance

Shahbazi, Abolghasem

NSF HBCU-UP Bioenergy Center

Sun, Wangping

Kramer, Bradley

Li, Zhichao

NSF S-STEM Collaborative Research: Development of a Sophomore-Level Course "Introduction of Renewable Energy Manufacturing" and Faculty Expertise

Kurepa, Alexandra

NSF S-STEM Attracting and Retaining Scholars in the Mathematical Sciences

Yuan, Xiaohong

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Integrating Mobile Computing and Security into a Computer Science Curriculum

Whitehead, Joe

NSF HBCU-UP NCA&T ADVANCE Institutional Transformation: Catalyzing Gender, Leadership, and Scholarship Equity through Institutional Change for All

Gibson, Willietta

Hargrove-Leak, Sirena

Luster-Teasley, Stephanie

NSF IUSE Reforming Laboratory Instruction and Hands-on Experiences for the Millennial Learners in STEM

Wilson, Zakiya

Wilson-Kennedy, Zakiya

NSF HBCU-UP Work Life Balance Policy for the HBCU Context

Kim, Jung

NSF S-STEM Improving Student Computer Programming Understanding and Engagement through Computer-Monitored Problem-Solving Discussions

Franks, Marion

NSF S-STEM Redesigning General Chemistry- Implementation of Emporium Learning for Enhancing Basic General Chemistry Skills

Parast, Mahour

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Proposal: Using a Project-Based Learning Approach for Education and Training in Technological Innovation for STEM Students

Adams, Stephanie

Ladeji-Osias, J. Kemi

Coger, Robin

Crumpton-Young, Lesia

Nave, Felecia

NSF HBCU-UP The SEaRCH: Towards the Development of a STEM Education Research Consortium at HBCUs

Bililign, Solomon

NSF HBCU-UP GP-EXTRA:Pathways to atmospheric science through immersion in geoscience research

Cousins-Cooper, Kathy

NSF HBCU-UP Assessing the Impact of the Emporium Model on Student Persistence and Dispositional Learning by Transforming Faculty Culture

Ahmidouch, Abdellah

NSF HBCU-UP Target Infusion Project: Transforming Physics Courses Using the Scale-Up Active Learning Model

Whitehead, Joe

NSF HBCU-UP Planning Project: Data Science and Analytics Advancing STEM Education at North Carolina A&T State University

Mack, Kelly

Byrd, Goldie

Taylor, Orlando

McKayle, Camille

NSF HBCU-UP HBCU-UP Collaborative for the Advancement of STEM Leadership

KC, Dukka

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: A novel approach to improve template-based multi-domain protein structure prediction

Yun, Yeoheung

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: Microfluidic-based device to transform the T cell manufacturing process for adoptive T cell therapy

Iyer, Shanthi

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER Self-Catalyzed Growth of Patterned GaAsSb and GaAsSbN Nanowires for Optoelectronic Devices

Hashemi Beni, Leila

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: Remote Sensing for Flood Modeling and Management
1818459 NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Center: Center for the Advancement of STEM Leadership

Monty , Gregory

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Project: STEP into STEM, Investigating Successful Transitions and Effective Pathways into STEM

Tang, Guoqing

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Project: Effects of Innovative Mathematics Instruction Methods on Student Attitude, Self-efficacy, Effort and Performance
Name Title Department
Sarin, Sanjiv Unknown Unknown
Byrd, Goldie Dean College of Arts and Sciences
Kelly, John Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering
Yuan, Xiaohong Unknown Unknown
Parast, Mahour Unknown Unknown
Fini, Elham Unknown Unknown
Kanipes, Margaret Unknown Unknown
Whitehead, Joe Unknown Unknown
Zhan, Justin Unknown Unknown
Shahbazi, Abolghasem Unknown Unknown
Kurepa, Alexandra Unknown Unknown
Wilson, Zakiya Unknown Unknown
Li, Zhichao Unknown Unknown
Kim, Jung Unknown Unknown
Franks, Marion Unknown Unknown
Bililign, Solomon Unknown Unknown
Cousins-Cooper, Kathy Unknown Unknown
Ahmidouch, Abdellah Unknown Unknown
KC, Dukka Unknown Unknown
Yun, Yeoheung Unknown Unknown
Iyer, Shanthi Unknown Unknown
Henderson, Dawn Unknown Unknown
Bryant , Kelvin Unknown Unknown
Fafanyo, Asiseh Assistant Professor Health Economics
Morgan, Shona Associate Professor Operations Management
Goins, Gregory Professor of Environmental Biology Biology
Smith-Jackson, Tonya Professor and Chair Industrial and Systems Engineering
Tang, Guoqing Professor and Chair Mathematics
Bernot, Kelsie Assistant Professor Biology
Hashemi Beni, Leila Unknown Unknown
Monty , Gregory Unknown Unknown
Bikdash, Marwan Unknown Unknown
Booth, Caroline Unknown Unknown
Kim, Seong-Tae Unknown Unknown
Varatharajah, Paramanathan Unknown Unknown
Worku, Mulumebet Doctor Animal Science