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Norfolk State University

Award # Principal Investigator Funding Source Title

Pradhan, Aswini

NSF HBCU-UP NSF CREST Center for Nano & Bio-Inspired Materials and Devices (CNBMD)

Mead, Patricia

NSF S-STEM Two + Three Community College to University Programs Scholars Project

Yoon, Hargsoon

Namkoong, Gon

NSF S-STEM Collaborative Research: Developing a Student Learning Strategy to Bridge Virtual Learning and Hands-on Activity in Organic Solar Energy Education

Mattix, Larry

NSF HBCU-UP Implementation Project: Graduation Academy - Transitioning STEM Students to Graduation and Graduate School

Yoon, Hargsoon

NSF HBCU-UP HBCU-RISE: Enhancement of Research Infrastructure for the Development of Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) Devices and Materials

Haines, Ashley

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: RNA-Seq Based Analysis of the Streptococcus parauberis transcriptome

Lanz, Aprillya

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: Mathematical model of the impact of social behavior in the transmission dynamics of HIV epidemics

Turner, Carlene

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Security Pedagogy Across the Curriculum: A Model to Integrate Cybersecurity into the Social Sciences

Fitzgerald, Rhonda

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Engaging Students for Higher Retention and Building Stronger Foundations in Pre-Calculus Using the Flipped Model

May, Michael

Bowers, Janet

Beisiegel, Mary

Segal, Rebecca

Ganter, Susan

Doree, Suzanne

Piercey, Victor

Moseley, Lauren

Lanz, Aprillya

NSF IUSE Collaborative Research: A National Consortium for Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnerships (SUMMIT-P)

Abdullah-Israel, Malikah

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: The Intersection of Biology and Chemistry: Enhancing STEM Student Performance in Undergraduate Chemsitry Courses Using an Integrative Curriculum Approach
Name Title Department
Ingram, Valencia Unknown Unknown
Mattix, Larry Unknown Unknown
Haines, Ashley Associate Professor Biology
Lanz, Aprillya Unknown Unknown
Pradhan, Aswini Unknown Unknown
Mead, Patricia Unknown Unknown
Yoon, Hargsoon Unknown Unknown
Turner, Carlene Unknown Unknown
Fitzgerald, Rhonda Unknown Unknown
Okpodu, Camellia Professor Biology
Bowman, Arthur Professor Biology
Deo, Makarand Unknown Unknown
Fernando, Anne Unknown Unknown
McClain, Aliecia Chair, Chemistry & Director, DNIMAS STEM Honors Program Chemistry
Abdullah-Israel, Malikah Unknown Unknown