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Hampton University

Award # Principal Investigator Funding Source Title

Seo, Felix

NSF HBCU-UP Advanced Center for Laser Science and Spectroscopy

Claville, Michelle

NSF HBCU-UP ACE Implementation: Nanoscience Transforming STEM Education at Hampton University

Muhammad, Jean

NSF HBCU-UP HBCU-UP TIP: Increasing and Retaining Computer Science majors at Hampton University through Computational Thinking and Curriculum Reformation

Moore, William

NSF HBCU-UP HBCU-RISE Hampton University: Advanced Physical Modeling and Simulation for 21st Century Scientists

Brown, Ei Ei

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: Development of New Halide-based Rare-Earth Scintillators

Kohl, Michael

Milner, Richard

NSF HBCU-UP MRI Consortium: Collaborative Research: Development of the Phase-I DarkLight Experiment at Jefferson Laboratory

Urasa, Isai

NSF HBCU-UP A Pilot Project: Inquiry-based science learning using cultural heritage materials and other locally accessible resources

Boonthum-Denecke, Chutima

NSF S-STEM Workforce Preparation through Computing Scholarship (We-Prep-CS) Program

Samuel, Raymond

NSF HBCU-UP Hampton-Brandeis Partnership for Research and Education in Materials (PREM)

Horodysky, Andrij

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: Quantifying the effects of ocean acidification on visual and auditory neurobiology in marine fishes

Sharma, Indu

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: The ecology of microbial communities in relation to red deep sea crabs and their surrounding environment

Hommerich, Uwe

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: Development of novel wide-gap semiconductors for nuclear detection and IR photonics

Christy, Michael

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: Investigating the Use of Carbon Monofilament Wires to Improve the Design of the Slow Proton Recoil Detector for the Jefferson Lab BONuS12 Experiment

Sayanagi, Kunio

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: Undergraduate Astronomy Research and Education through Observation of Jupiter Impact Flashes to Characterize Small-Body Populations in the Outer Solar System

Kohl, Michael

NSF HBCU-UP EAGER: Beam particle tracking for the MUSE experiment at PSI

Andrews, Mason

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Project: Charting a Path to Trans-disciplinary Collaborative Design
Name Title Department
Claville, Michelle Unknown Unknown
Urasa, Isai Unknown Unknown
Muhammad, Jean Unknown Unknown
Parker, Brandon Unknown Unknown
Brown, Ei Ei Research Associate Professor Physics
Boonthum-Denecke, Chutima Unknown Unknown
Seo, Felix Unknown Unknown
Moore, William Unknown Unknown
Kohl, Michael Unknown Unknown
Milner, Richard Unknown Unknown
Samuel, Raymond Unknown Unknown
Horodysky, Andrij Unknown Unknown
Sharma, Indu Unknown Unknown
Hommerich, Uwe Unknown Unknown
Christy, Michael Unknown Unknown
Sayanagi, Kunio Unknown Unknown
Ero-Tolliver, Isi Assistant Professor Biology
Andrews, Mason Unknown Unknown
Berube, Clair Unknown Unknown
Considine, Carol Unknown Unknown
Erten-Unal, Mujde Unknown Unknown