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Virginia State University

Award # Principal Investigator Funding Source Title

Hill, W.

NSF HBCU-UP Implementation Grant: Trojan STEM II - Moving From Restructuring to Implementation

Hill, Oliver

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Grant: Improving Minority Student Mathematics Performance and Persistence in STEM Majors Through Cognitive Training

Spencer, Trina

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Reseach Grant: The Impact of Engagement, Capacity and Continuity in Preparing Elementary Education Pre-Service Teachers for Science Teaching.

Evans, WFranklin

NSF HBCU-UP Implementation Grant: Coaching for Academic and Professional Success (CAPS) in STEM

Fife, John

NSF HBCU-UP Broadening Participation Research Grant: Reducing Stereotype Threat by enhancing emotional regulation: A role for Mindful Awareness Practice for STEM majors

Islam, Shaheen

NSF HBCU-UP Physics and Pre-Engineering Major at Virginia Union University

Spencer, Trina

NSF HBCU-UP HBCU-UP TIP: Enhancing the Interest, Pedagogical Skills, Confidence and Expertise of Preservice K-6 Teachers to Teach Science Utilizing Research-Based Instructional Methods

Xie, Zhifu

NSF HBCU-UP Research Initiation Award: Central Configurations, New Variational Method and Periodic Solutions in Celestial Mechanics

Hill, Oliver

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Improving Minority STEM Majors' Mathematics Performance through Algebra Project Pedagogy and Cognitive Training

Hill, Oliver

NSF HBCU-UP Conference on Best Practices in Mathematics Education

Lu, Yongjin

NSF HBCU-UP Research Intiation Award: Long Time Behavior for Systems of Coupled Partial Differential Equations

Talley, Cheryl

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Using evidence-based programming to inform a living-learning community

Wu, Zhenhua

NSF HBCU-UP Targeted Infusion Project: Infuse Cybermanufacturing Concepts to Manufacturing Processes and Automation Courses
Name Title Department
Fife, John Unknown Unknown
Spencer, Trina Unknown Unknown
Talley, Cheryl co-Director Project Knowledge Psychology
Hill, Oliver Unknown Unknown
Ansari, Ali Unknown Unknown
Xie, Zhifu Unknown Unknown
Davis, Coray Chairperson and Associate Professor Technology
Hill, W. Unknown Unknown
Evans, WFranklin Unknown Unknown
Lu, Yongjin Unknown Unknown
Whiteman, Leslie Unknown Unknown
Wu, Zhenhua Unknown Unknown
Ansari, Jahangir Unknown Unknown
Wang, Ju Unknown Unknown
Davis, Victoria Graduate Research Assistant Unknown