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Award # Principal Investigator Funding Source Title

Arp, Daniel

NSF S-STEM Transition to University and Careers Program (TUCP)

Koretsky, Milo

NSF TUES Collaborative Research: Integration of Conceptual Learning throughout the Core Chemical Engineering Curriculum

Santelmann, Mary

NSF S-STEM Meeting National Needs for Hydrologists and Water Resource Engineers

Vigeant, Margot

Koretsky, Milo

NSF WIDER Collaborative Research: Design for Impact - Creating Effective Student Activities that Faculty Will Use

Koretsky, Milo

NSF S-STEM Development and Implementation of Interactive Virtual Laboratories to Help Students Learn Threshold Concepts in Thermodynamics

Manogue, Corinne

NSF S-STEM Paradigms in Physics: Representations of Partial Derivatives

Kim, Kyoung-Yun

Jackson, Kathy

Haapala, Karl

NSF IUSE Collaborative Research: Constructionism in Learning: Sustainable Life Cycle Engineering (CooL:SLiCE)

Ahern, Kevin

NSF IUSE The Oregon State University STEM Leaders Program

Smart, William

NSF IUSE EAGER: Building a ROS Education Ecosystem

Sweeney, James

NSF IUSE NSF IUSE/PFE:RED: Shifting Departmental Culture to Re-Situate Learning and Instruction

May, Michael

Bowers, Janet

Beisiegel, Mary

Segal, Rebecca

Ganter, Susan

Doree, Suzanne

Piercey, Victor

Moseley, Lauren

Lanz, Aprillya

NSF IUSE Collaborative Research: A National Consortium for Synergistic Undergraduate Mathematics via Multi-institutional Interdisciplinary Teaching Partnerships (SUMMIT-P)

Montfort, Devlin

NSF S-STEM RAPID: Ethnographic field study of engineering knowledge systems: Developing a social-process-centric situated model
Name Title Department
Risien, Julie Unknown Center for Research on Lifelong STEM Learning
Kayes, Lori Unknown Unknown
Arp, Daniel Unknown Unknown
Koretsky, Milo Unknown Unknown
Santelmann, Mary Unknown Unknown
Manogue, Corinne Unknown Unknown
Ahern, Kevin Unknown Unknown
Smart, William Unknown Unknown
Sweeney, James Unknown Unknown
Haapala, Karl Unknown Unknown
Montfort, Devlin Unknown Unknown
Beisiegel, Mary Unknown Unknown