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STEP MEETING 2013 BREAKOUT: Recruitment and Retention in Foundational Science Courses. (Session III-10)

This on-line discussion is intended to accompany the STEP MEETING 2013 Workshop: Recruitment and Retention in Foundational Science Courses. Led by Lycurgus L. Muldrow, Morehouse College; Anne E. Egger, Central Washington University; Cristian Bahrim, Lamar University.

Session participants, leaders, or anyone interested can help enrich this breakout session and facilitate future discussion and collaborating by sharing questions, ideas, comments, and additional resources ON-LINE before, during, and after the session.

Abstract: This panel discussion will focus on best practices for recruitment and retention in foundational science courses.  Three different types of foundational courses will be discussed: 1st the use of a research preparation course to recruit students into Earth Sciences; 2nd recruitment strategies for an elective Scientific Literacy course for at-risk STEM freshmen majors; and 3rd the infusion of engaging materials in foundational physics courses to induct and retain students in a physics program.

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