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Environments for Twenty-First-Century Learning

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By: Jeanne L. Narum, Principal, Learning Spaces Collaboratory; Director Emeritus, PKAL; and Senior Scholar, AAC&U

Thinking strategically about environments for learning in 2020 was the focus of the pre-meeting workshop on physical learning environments, orchestrated by Marci Sortor from St. Olaf College, Rick Vaz from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), and me.  Our intent was to create an open forum to discuss fundamental questions around spaces and learning. The workshop was in three parts: (1) attention to learners, arriving at a common language and vision about what learners were to become; (2) attention to the kind of learning experiences that enabled that becoming; and (3) attention to the kind of spaces that facilitate such experiences, with conversations about process embedded throughout.

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    Jeanne L. Narum

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    Environments for Twenty-First-Century Learning

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