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Child care center at institution?

Does anyone know of an institution that set up a child care center within recent memory--whether it's one you work at or one you have a colleague at whose contact info you could share?

(To clarify: Some institutions have a place where children can be supervised while parents work---where faculty with young children may receive free or subsidized child care--and where the children often participate in the educational training of students in developmental psychology, elementary education, etc. Students can have work-study positions there that create additional on-campus jobs. If there is enough capacity, sometimes these centers can be revenue-generating operations if they are open to the local community.)

There are several schools out there that have something like this, but although it's been brought up several times at our institution, it hasn't gained traction, and I'm curious to know for an institution where something like this was implemented how it was done and how things have been going so far.

Many thanks! Sorry to bother everyone!