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Director of the Kennesaw State University Learning Center

Kennesaw State University is now accepting applications for a twelve-month, tenure-track faculty position to serve as the Director of the KSU Learning Center (KSULC). This position will have significant administrative responsibilities and minimal teaching expectations. The KSULC Director is responsible for:
• Assisting in the development of the KSULC (e.g., recommending an organizational structure for KSULC personnel and developing KSULC policies).
• Strategic planning, directing, and implementing KSULC activities.
• First-level oversight of the KSULC budget.
• Advocating for and marketing KSULC programs to students, parents, staff, and faculty.
• Managing and supporting KSULC personnel and programs, such as Supplemental Instruction and SMART center tutoring.
• Providing KSULC programming aligned with research-based best practices of metacognitive learning theory, student development, and cultural diversity
• Actively promoting diversity in staffing, programming, and student leadership.
• Planning, developing, implementing, and reporting on assessment activities in accordance with Improve KSU, the institution’s campus-wide assessment program.
• Conducting and coordinating research to advance student learning and self-efficacy, as well as to track development and effectiveness of innovative practices
• Performing other duties as assigned and/or as necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the KSU Learning Center.
• Teaching one section of the KSU 1101 First-Year Seminar each Fall semester

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