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Active Learning at Rider University

Rider University's Discovery Science course is a freshman-level, active-learning natural science course offered for students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences who have not yet chosen a major.  Students study how science can contribute to solutions to contemporary issues and experience how the scientific process unfolds to make such contributions.  They investigate the theme, the future of natural resources) through readings, classroom activities, lectures, laboratories, and projects.  Explorations include factors that influence real world decisions regarding fisheries and water and mineral resources (e.g. political, economic, ethical factors).  The course is linked with an introductory political science course in which they learn some basics about political processes and apply them to local environmental issues.  The video shows some components of the learning process that students were guided through to develop an understanding of local water resource issues.  Photos and video clips were collected from some of the learning experiences and stiched together to give viewers a sense of the total project.