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Goals and Expected Outcomes of the PKAL Commons

These ideas were formulated as part of the STEM Central Leadership Meeting held on March 16-18, 2015. Your comments and suggestions are welcome! Click "Comment" at the bottom of this page.

Goals of PKAL Commons:

* Connecting Regional Networks through a PKAL Commons on STEM Central

* Establish a repository of PKAL Network Resources (core resources, forms, funding, by-laws, mission and vision statements, best-practices for networks)

* Create capacity for establishing for network affinity groups and working groups

* Set up a monthly meeting for Regional Networks Council (meta advisory board), including Network board leaders (president, past president)

Expected outcomes:

* Regional Network Resources in a PKAL Commons that can be commented on (useful review or not)

* Monthly meeting for Network leaders to support events planning

* Identified individuals from networks to review resources

* Interactive map of regional networks