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Teachback: A lightweight clicker-based audience response system.

Our motive is to get schools and faculty to adopt the more fruitful flipped classrooms, and TeachBack is a tool designed to facilitate that. TeachBack is web application designed to help teachers and their students engage in more effective pedagogy in the classroom, by facilitating pedagogically effective classroom interactions. The application is a redesign of ‘The Affective Tutor’ [1]. Teachback is a lightweight clicker-based audience response system with additional features for supporting back-channel communication and feedback from the students. It also provides statistics on student performance in formative assessments and participation. TeachBack allows students and instructors to engage in online dialogues and discussions about class material. These discussions can be driven by the instructor or left to the back-channel among students alone. We provide functionality for students to give instantaneous personal cognitive and affective feedback to the instructor on how the students are feeling about the class. Students can give feedback at various points during the lecture of their own choice. Alternatively, an instructor can ask all students for feedback at any particular point.  TeachBack allows for a highly interactive pedagogy that involves all of the students, TAs and the instructor.
[1] Hickey, Timothy J., and William T. Tarimo. "The Affective Tutor."
Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 29.6 (2014): 50-56.