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The "flipped classroom" approach to STEM student learning success

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Learn, discuss, and share ideas and resources about strategies for effectively flipping your classroom. Dr. Cynthia Furse, Associate Vice President for Research at the University of Utah and a leader in developing the "flipped classroom" approach, has posted a series of presentations on how to effectively flip your classroom.  (See links below).  Please view the presentations, discuss, and share your ideas and questions here within this working group. On Jan 8th, 2013, we will be holding a live webinar for an in-person discussion and learning session on flipping your classroom.  REGISTER HERE.  Please join us!

The "Flipped Classrooms" approach is a method for effectively and easily teaching large undergraduate course without traditional in‐class lectures by pre-recording lectures and requiring students to view the lectures before class. Class time is then spent helping students make the transition from lecture to homework and helping them gain better problem solving skills and strategies.

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Introduction to the Flipped Classroom Video December 01, 2012 21
STEP MEETING 2014 BREAKOUT SESSION: Teaching Flipped! (Session I-8) Discussion February 08, 2014 0
Introduction to the Flipped Classroom - Webinar recording and ppt presentation Discussion January 05, 2013 0
PPT from NSF Grantees conference breakout session File March 16, 2014 0
STEP 2014 Session I-8 Notes: Teaching Flipped! File March 06, 2014 0
Flipped Institute Website Link February 16, 2013 0
Richard Felder's Teaching Resources Discussion January 05, 2013 0
Cynthia Furse Flipped Classroom links Discussion January 05, 2013 0
STEP Webinar: A Busy Professor's Guide to Sanely Flipping Your Classroom Webinar January 25, 2014 0