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Cyber-PLTL Adoption Workshop

National Adoption Workshop on Cyber Peer-Led Team Learning (cPLTL).

Registration is now closed.

With web-conferencing technology, PLTL workshops become synchronous virtual classrooms that allow students (in different locations) to engage with course material; collaborate with one another; and develop effective problem-solving strategies. Course grades, standardized exam scores, and DFW rates have shown cPLTL’s positive impact on student learning; and its efficacy is highlighted by its recent designation as a Sloan-C 2012 Effective Practice in Online and Blended Education.

Campus teams interested in implementing cPLTL will be invited to attend the a 2½ day workshop in Indianapolis, IN. The workshop will:

1. Introduce participants to PLTL pedagogy;
2. Provide instruction and hands-on practice with cPLTL technology; and
3. Provide information and resources for developing workshop materials, implementation planning, and conducting evaluation activities.


Website: Conference

Location: 31 West Ohio Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204