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Webinar: New Methods for Research on PLTL

 Abstract: This Webinar will review the critical components of PLTL, examine the body of research on the three types of PLTL implementations. While over 20 individual published studies have shown a positive impact on student performance, the methods of statistical analysis vary from simple group comparison to multi-linear regression. While mulit-linear regression appears to be more sophisticated and rigorous, an actual graphical examination of typical data demonstrates that multi-linear regression makes assumptions about the data that are not warranted, and lead to errors of interpretation. We introduce a new model of research for PLTL (Comparative Linear Regression) that avoids the pitfalls of research models that have been widely used to study PLTL. This model, described by Zar (Biostatistical Methods) has been used widely in biological research. This Webinar should be of interest to those who are proposing to study the impact of PLTL or any other similar educational initiative.


This webinar is an on-line event. Nov. 30, 2012. 11:00 am - 12:00. EST. You can register here: