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STEP Central "flipped" Webinar: A Busy Professor’s Guide to Sanely Flipping Your Classroom

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Presented by Dr. Cynthia Furse, at the University of Utah. The "Flipped Classrooms" approach is a method for effectively and easily teaching large undergraduate course without traditional in‐class lectures by pre-recording lectures and requiring students to view the lectures before class. Class time is then spent helping students make the transition from lecture to homework and helping them gain better problem solving skills and strategies. This approach has led to increased student course satisfaction ratings and better test scores. 

This webinar takes a flipped classrooms approach. We  are asking participants to do a short homework assignment and view a pre-recorded introductory video (15 min, two parts) of Dr. Furse's presentation BEFORE the webinar. Then, use the comment field to post one question or concern you have about flipping your webinar.

Dr. Furse will use the questions that you post to develop the content of her presentation, so MAKE SURE YOUR CONCERNS ARE ADDRESSED by posting your question(s). Please post your question by Jan 4th to insure Dr. Furse can address it in her presentation. (Note: you need to be logged on to post, if you are not a member or need your password, contact Tania Siemens) .



Join us on Jan 8 th, 12:00pm MST.