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STEP Central Webinar: 6 Steps for STEP Evaluation

Abstract:  On a national scale, tangible project results have become indispensable evidence with which to document project accomplishment.  This webinar will provide assistance to project teams preparing for and implementing their evaluation plans by suggesting 6 steps to assist with the STEP evaluation process.  Central to the presentation will be identification of key evaluation tasks based on NSF 3rd Year Review questions.  Further incorporated will be suggestions on how to work together with the STEP project team, collect, analyze, and report data while keeping original goals in mind, mis-steps to avoid, and dissemination of results. 

Overarching goals of the Webinar are to, (1) promote an exchange of ideas among evaluators on relevant evaluation topics in the STEP Community of Practice (CoP); (2) present a general framework or roadmap for thinking about and organizing STEP project evaluation tasks; and, (3) set the stage for continued one-on-one interactions between STEP project evaluators in the CoP. This interactive forum will provide participants with useful information as they implement the components of their project evaluation plan and work together with their project teams to use evaluation data to inform and document success and overcome challenges in their work.


The event will be presented ON LINE on November 20th, 2:00pm EST Presented by Dr David Blair, St. Edwards University and Dr. Raymond McGhee at SRI International. Register HERE for this on-line event.