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Peer-Led Team Learning International Society Annual Conference

The Peer-Led Team Learning International Society’s (PLTLIS) Fifth Annual Conference will explore the challenges instructors, administrators, and students face, and their solutions in developing leaders in the changing landscape of education and the workplace.  The concept of training undergraduates as effective facilitators of learning is a tested transformative pedagogical strategy and a driving force in educational research. Colleges and universities hold the responsibility to develop these undergraduates to enter the work force, pursue further education, and to be leaders in their intellectual and geographic communities. Leaders are fostered in environments where differences in people are embraced, allowing for cultivation of the connections among differing perspectives. Leaders in education must integrate innovation and commitment into a program’s core processes for continuing benefits.

On behalf of the Conference Planning Committee, we look forward to your participation! For moreinformation, to submit an abstract, or to register go to


San Jose City College 2100 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95128